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The First Carrie Bears

Many a happy ending started as a sad story.

It's a truth Carrie Pike, founder of Carrie Bears, has seen over and over again. 

Carrie, the fifth of sixth children, was looking for something special to do for her brother and sisters after their father died. After looking through her dad's closet, Carrie decided to make each of them a teddy bear. Her brother's bear was stitched from Dad's scout uniform; another from a white church shirt. Old pajamas made an especially snuggly bear. Each became a treasured memory keeper. 


A few months later, Carrie's dear friend lost her husband. With three small children to care for and the grief of her sudden loss, this friend was struggling. One day she asked Carrie, "What do I do with all his shirts?" In a moment of great insight, Carrie knew, and her mission of caring through Carrie Bears began.

Since then, Carrie has lovingly cut fabric for bears and hearts from not only shirts, but also receiving blankets, housedresses, uniforms, jeans, t-shirts, silk nightgowns and many other types of clothing that hold special memories.

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